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Guven Cave Hotel

Boutique Hotel

Location: Goreme, Cappadocia
Guven Cave Hotel is one of the traditional Cappadocian style hotels. The hotel has been hand-crafted with the natural stone of Cappadocia. Goreme Guven Cave Hotel has 9 elegant rooms which include 3 cave rooms, 3 arch rooms and 3 modern rooms, as well as a resturant on top of the hotel on the terrace. All the rooms are beautifully decorated, clean, and a cozy place to stay. The resturant serves Turkish-style breakfast, lunch and dinner. Visit our resturant and experience the local Turkish-style food. Our hotel's central heating system allows you to use hot water for 24 hours a day, even in the freezing cold winter! Guven Cave Hotel is located in the central part of Cappadocia close to great resturants and shopping. We offer an excellent blend of Turkish warmth and hospitality. 
For thousands of years people have lived in caves in Cappadocia. Our hotel allows you to have the unique opportunity to stay and experience cave living. Goreme Guven Cave Hotel allows you to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in a wonderful cave room as the people in Cappadocia have lived for many years. 
With an open air and a closed terrace on the roof top, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of Uzundere Valley. While enjoying your breakfast on the terrace, you might be vistited by pigeons from the Pigeon Valley. Our terrace is a wonderful spot to sit back and relax and ejoy the sunset while drinking your wine, coffee or tea.

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