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Janti TjongJanti Tjong
Thank you Mevlut, We had a wonderful time in Turkey. For the time management and the punctual pick - up time and bringing us from places to places safely. And we can call his phone any time .Eventhough, I think , the weather is quite hot , I think turkey is beautiful because of the natural scenery ...
Janti Tjong

SYED ALBAKRI My family and I, total of 16 persons including 1 infant, 3 children traveled to Istanbul, Turkey in early February 2013. The ground arrangements were coordinated by Pomegranate Tour, which included travel to Cappodocia and Kartepe, stay in Old Town Istanbul and New Town Istanbul. We found the tours and travel arrangement extremely efficient and we were given excellent care during our stay in Turkey. Mr. Mevlut Uysal, you are a professional whilst accommodating in attending to our requests, special arrangements and even able to manage some changes to our itinerary. We would definitely recommend this company especially Mr Mevlut to any persons seeking assistance in arranging travel and tour arrangement in Turkey. Our Turkey experience is the most memorable, with abundance of precious historical treasures; the castles, mosques, city walls, markets, sceneries and most of all the people and the food. My family and I would never have enjoyed our 14 day trip without the excellent services and coordination of Pomegranate Tour. Well done Mr Mevlut! Thank you very much, Mevlut, from the bottom of our hearts for making this trip such a wonderful experience for me and my family. We shall always cherish the memories of Istanbul. Yours faithfully, SYED ALBAKRI B SYED ABDULLAH. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
SYED ALBAKRI - Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur - 22.02.2013
Amjad Nabi Hello I am Dr Amjad and I want to tell the world about Mevlut and his comapany Pomegranate Tour. It was really great going with him right from the start from booking online and talking to him on phone and mails and I was glad that he made good rates for me. I really enjoyed my Honey moon with my wife and Mevlut contributed a lot to it. All the arrangements he did were wonderful from picking up at airport to shifting to hotels and then from hotels to bus stations. I was also glad when he returned our amount so quick when we couldnt fly in balloons in Capadocia. In the end I would say that I will recommmend him to every one who is flying to Turkey and if I had to travel to Turkey again than surely it will be with Mevlut and his company Pomegranate Tour.
Amjad Nabi - Pakistan - 12.02.2013
Khaya Msimango I was so impressed with Pomegranate Tour, especially Mr. Mevlut Uysal who was exeptional, kind and made sure I had a great tour of Istanbul Turkey. He constantly kept in touch via text message, phone calls to the hotel and e mail. All of this was important and comforting for me as I was travelling by myself. The tour guides were thorough and very knowledgable. They even took pictures of me as I was by myself! I would recommend this tour to anyone. The team was professional, punctual, friendly and made me feel at home. I would definetely do this again! Khaya
Khaya Msimango - South Africa - 07.02.2013
Julian & Lorna Ahumada My wife Lorna and I travelled to Turkey at the beginning of the year. Our trip was arranged by Pomegranate Tour Travel Agency, managed by Mr. Mevlut Uysal. We had a tremendous experience throug every aspect of our trip. The places we visited ( Ephesus, Pamukkale, Cappadocia , Istanbul ) were incredible. Ephesus gave us goose bumps standing on the same ground the Apostle Paul stood on two thousand years ago. Istanbul is a magical place that gives you an excellent perspective of how western civilization as we know it today evolved for the last thousand years. The places , hotels we stayed in were comfortable, and centrally located , and the food was excellent. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. We were very satisfied with the entire experience and would recommend Pomegranate Tour Travel Agency and Mr. Mevlut Uysal to anybody planning to travel to Turkey. Sincerely, JULIAN & LORNA AHUMADA Lorian Health
Julian & Lorna Ahumada - USA / California - 11.01.2013
Sandra Gill Dear Mevlut, Thank you for a most wonderful holiday. I must admit I was rather nervous booking through an agent I didn t know but you have been a star. You have attended to everything hundred percent . We have relaxed, enjoyed, prompt and very friendly service. I would recommend your services in heartbeat. Thank you for precious memories ! Sincerely, Sandra , Steve, Rachel, Graig Gill
Sandra Gill - South Africa / Gilletts - 10.01.2013
Sheila Merza hey Mevlut.... I believe this is long over due but I can not just be silent because I want to thank you for having arranged for me and my friends the most organized and adventurous tour ever!!!!!!! I mean, the hotels were superb I must say ;) The guides were so nice 'cause they treat us like part of the family in the way they took care of us. The transfers were on time... Hope to see you soon for our travels... More power to you and your group!!
Sheila Merza - Philiphine - 22.12.2012
Jong Lee Fah My family and I (4of us) enjoyed our trip to Turkey covering Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale and our ground tours via PromegranateTour who did a fabulous job organising the itinery and the tours were quite personal with a very small group, ensuring enough attention to our whims and fancy!. We are very happy with Mevlut Uysal who has tirelessly and always promptly answered any queries or reservations of any sorts from us -from day one we made enquiries right up to after tour requests. I have actually left something at the hotel before we left Istanbul for home and he made arrangements to send back to us. There was great suggestions from Mevlut.. and his personal touch has made our trip to Turkey a very happy and memorable one. Thanks Mevlut from all of us. The Jong Family. MJ
Jong Lee Fah - Malaysia, Sarawak - 12.12.2012
Patricia Knight It all started with a Google search looking for trips to Cappadocia in central Turkey and before I knew it, I had booked a 15 night tour of the country for us. I had entered into correspondence with Mevlüt Uysal of Pomegranate Tour based in Istanbul. Mevlüt dealt with all my questions and requirements quickly and efficiently and before I knew it I had booked a comprehensive two-week trip involving five different locations, with lots of day trips to cultural and historical sights and including relaxing boat trips. Our tour started with a few days in Istanbul, were Mevlüt met us, and from there we flew to Antalya on the Mediterranean coast. We then took a bus to Fethiye, then on to Konya, and Goreme in Cappadocia before flying back to Istanbul. Although we had been a little apprehensive, not having planed this trip with any well known world wide tour operator, Mevlüt Uysal and Pomegranate Tour in Istanbul proved a sound investment. We had a wonderful time and everything went like clockwork and Mevlüt kept in touch by mobile phone in case we had a problem. Our trip was full of interest, culture, sea, sun and fun, thank you so much Mevlüt, one of the best holidays we’ve had, we shall certainly be back. Up and Away with our captain in our Cappadocia balloon, fantastic!! Patricia Knight London
Patricia Knight - London / England - 16.11.2012
Ali Arslan Pomegranate tour arranged the trip with excellence, vigilance and extreme precision. There was not even a single limb of the trip where we felt lost or uncomfortable. The accommations selected were welcoming and relaxing. The travels and transit were very secure and meticulously worked out which caused no inconvenience rather made the trip memorable. I was travelling with my wife and therefore security and comfort were my first priority and I got both. The trip also included a cruise along the route of Fethiye to Olympos which was beautiful. The mesmerising waters of the Mediterranean and the aweinspiring islands and stops in the way are ethched in our minds forever. We wish to come back and explore the rest of Turkey again under the expert care and planning of Pomegranate Tour. On Sep 16, 2012 6:19 AM, wrote:
Ali Arslan - Pakistan - 15.11.2012
Amit Mukerjee Dear Mevlut, It was wonderful to meet you and spend five days in Turkey with Pomegranate Tour.It was amazing to see the coordination at each location and the wonderful groups and guides.Everything was exactly as mentioned in the tour.The lunches arranged were very good with wonderful ambiance.The hotels were comfortable and very friendly.The Brekfasts were lavish. A special mention about the guides.They are very well trained,professional and yet informal.They are like friends with whom you can feel free to discuss many things.In the end you get to know much more about Turkey.The whole tour was value for money.Turkey is a wonderful country,very hospitable and outgoing. Thank you, Amit Mukerjee
Amit Mukerjee - India - 12.11.2012