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Early morning pick up from your hotel in Istanbul then flight to Konya and arrival then you will be picked up by one of our staff then our private Konya, Catalhoyuk, Kilistra, Sille Tour will start.



A 9000 years old town, one of the largest and most complex early centres of settled life.
A very different type of society in which woman may have played a central role. The early use of pottery and metals, the remarkable preservation of wooden bowls and textiles; the early use of domesticated plats and animals

Early  morning  transfer  to  Istanbul  Airport  for  an  early  flight  to  Konya, our  staff  will  meet  you  at  the  airport , breakfast  in  a  nice  local  restaurant  and  drive  to  Catalhoyuk  which  is  an  ancient  city   its  history  goes  back  till  7000 BC.


The  Neolithic  site  of  Çatalhöyük  was  first  discovered  in  the  late  1950s  and  excavated  by  James  Mellaart between  1961  and  1965. The  site  rapidly  became  famous  internationally due  to  the  large  size  and  dense occupation  of  the  settlement, as  well  as  the  spectacular  wall  paintings  and  other  art  that  was  uncovered inside  the  houses.


Since  1993  an  international  team  of  archaeologists, led  by  Ian  Hodder, has  been  carrying  out  new excavations  and  research, in  order  to  shed  more  light  on  the  people  that  inhabited  the  site.


After  Catalhoyuk  Tour  we  will  drive  back  to  Konya ,  luch  at  a  nice  local  restaurant  which  serves  delicious  tradational  Konya  Meals like   ''Bamya ( Okra ), Etliekmek, Fırın Kebap, Tandır  Kebap'', different  kinds  of  local  kebaps  would  be  enjoyed.


We  can  visit  Mevlana  Museum , Aziziye  Mosque , Alaeddin  Hill , Alaeddin  Mosque , Karatay  Museum , Ä°nceminare  Museum , Sırcalı  Medrese .



Archaic city Kilistra is located 49 km. southwest of Konya, The settlement in Kilistra was established first during the Hellenistic and Roman times (BC 2 nd century – AD 3 rd century) It is on the famous King's road St. Paulos, whose name is mentioned in the Bible, lived in this place for some time.


Among the important centers of the early Christian period, this monastry is 8 km Northwest from the center of Konya province. Among the various tombs engraved to rocks by monks, Akmanastir,Haglos,Kharitan(St. Charitan), leads, among the others an done of the primary monastries in the world. 

Late  in  the  evening  you  will  be  transfered  to  Konya  Airport ,  flight  to  Istanbul  and  we  will  meet  you  at  the  airport  and  transfer  to  your  hotel.