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Simon KottayilSimon Kottayil
Dear Mevlut,Sorry for not contacting you earlier. I was very busy as I have to start for my duty after the tour. By Gods grace we all reached home safely healthy without even a minor hassles.Thank you very much for the wonderful arrangements you made for the tour. The tour went of very fine and me a...
Simon Kottayil
Privacy Policy

Privacy  Policy

The mission here at Ematur Turizm Otelcilik Ä°nsaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi- Pomegranate Tour                                           (,( ) , ( )   is to provide the at most quality in the privacy policy which we offer. For example, a client's personal ation never leaks to a third person, not in writing, nor in spoken form your privacy is our main concern at Ematur Turizm Otelcilik Ä°nsaat ( Pomegranate Tour )

Our work ethic revolves around the confidentiality of our clientele that's why we provide only your name and booking request to our supplier.  In addition, we at Ematur Turizm Otelcilik Ä°nsaat ( PomegranateTour)  Tourabide to European Personal Data Protection Laws  and entailed security procedures involved. This practice allows us to further protect the clients interests, by preventing identity theft and account hacking.


Credit Card guarantee

All personal data layout out as credit card information is transcribed by means of  high  tech  encryption software , which  is  then  filtered  through  a  secure server.  Our computer system  in  its  entirety (server, networks, etc.) are shielded by powerful firewalls, as to prevent hackers or other forms of information security violations from happening. Needless to say, our goal here at  Ematur Turizm Otelcilik Ä°nsaat  ( Pomegranate Tour ) is to guarantee the safety and, peace of mind with which a client can use their credit card with us.


Your credit card details will be kept  at  Ematur Turizm Otelcilik Ä°nsaat ( Pomegranate Tour ) only up until your departure date, and completely destroyed thereafter. All copyrights are reserved by Ematur Turizm Otelcilik Insaat ( Pomegranate  Tour ) is registered under Ematur Turizm Otelcilik Insaat Sanayi ve All services subject to Turkish law.